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Gib Bodet, Major League Scout
Twelve Thousand Baseball Games and Six Million Miles

Author: Gib Bodet as told to P.J. Dragseth
Forward by Tommy Lasorda
ISBN: 9-780786-472406

Price: $29.95 +Shipping

Gib Bodet's 70-year love affair with baseball dates from his childhood in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, and it has carried him through parts of six decades as a scout with the Red Sox, Tigers, Expos, Angels, Royals, and Dodgers. He played ball in high school and the military, coached youth and legion teams, and finally made the game his profession at age 38. In this memoir Bodet recalls humorous stories about people he worked with - Peter O'Malley, Walter Shannon, Gene Autry, John Schuerholz, Al Campanis and long-time friend Tommy Lasorda among them - and describes his role in drafting and signing such players as Mike Piazza, Eric Karros, Todd Hollingsworth, Paul Konerko, Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw and Chad Billingsley. He has scouted for the Dodgers since 1979. His current job title is listed as follows: Special Advisor, Amateur Scouting/National Crosschecker.
THE 1957
End Of An Era
In The Pacific Coast League

THE 1957 SAN FRANCISCO SEALS: End Of An Era In The Pacific Coast League

Author: PJ Dragseth
ISBN: 978-0-7864-6545-3

Price: $29.95 +Shipping

The 1957 PCL season faced uncertainty about the impending "invasion of major league baseball" in 1958. While the meetings, wheeling and dealing and politics took place off the diamond, the historic San Francisco Seals, a charter member of the Golden Era of the league, 1903-1957, played baseball and clinched the pennant two days before the season ended. We follow this team one game at a time as players faced historic rivals from spring training through the final game of the era. Readers experience minor league baseball as it was more than fifty years ago when there were no agents, next year's contract was based on this years' performance, and PCL teams consisted of a blend of major league veterans and minor leaguers on the cusp. The Pacific Coast League was no ordinary league, the Seals were no ordinary team, and 1957 was no ordinary season.
Eye For

Interviews with
Veteran Baseball Scouts

Eye For Talent

Edited by
P.J. Dragseth
Foreword by
Lenny Yochim
ISBN 978-0-7864-4361-1
244 pp. softcover (7 x 10)

Price: $39.95 +Shipping

Baseball scouts are often unseen, seldom recognized, and generally unappreciated by fans. But they are the pillars of pro baseball who put the teams and talent in touch. That contribution to their organizations is enormous. Here nineteen veteran scouts, many with up to 40 years experience, talk to readers about their careers.
Major League
Baseball Scouts

A Biographical

Major League Baseball Scouts: A Biographical Dictionary

Author: PJ Dragseth
Foreword b
y Roland Hemond
348 pp., softcover (8 x 11), 119 photos
ISBN 978-0-7864-4360-4
Ebook ISBN 978-0-7864-8565-9 2011

Price: $75.00 +Shipping

Scouts travel year-round to obscure parts of the world in all types of conditions in search of the next break-out star, and the ultimate progress of their organizations depends on their success. This book contains biographies of 306 veteran scouts from the earliest, T.P. Sullivan who traveled by covered wagon, to many who are still on the job today. Their stories and the players they signed chronicle baseball history.
Go Pro
Baseball Wise

A Great Gift
for your Favorite Fan

Go Pro Baseball Wise

Author: PJ Dragseth
ISBN: 0-9637081-2-0
235 pp.
index, soft cover (6 x 9)

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(Add $2 for each additional book)
California residents add 8.25% sales tax ($1.23/copy)

Members from all levels of the baseball community and the Hall of Fame share their experiences, advice, personal stories in interviews with the author as they explain various elements of this career to young players who want to go pro. It's a great resource for parents of high school and college players.

For the First Time Ever...
Now I Know How Casey Felt: Memories of a Minor League Season.
Day to Day Journal of a Real Minor League Season & the players who lived it.

About the Author
PJ Dragseth, a former teacher and newspaper journalist, is a graduate sociologist and longtime member of the Scouts Committee of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) who resides in Northern California.

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